2017 Kids





Sit back and have a cup of coffee while you check out our new kids!



If you would like to Reserve a kid from Ancient Valley Ranch, please Email us. When you make a commitment to purchase one of our kids, we will send you the sales contract via Email. An initial payment of 50% of the purchase price per goat is required upon commitment to purchase.  Payment must be received within 7 days of verbal commitment.  If purchasing an unweaned kid, Ancient Valley Ranch will retain the kid until weaned (between 8 – 10 weeks of age).  The balance due must be paid prior to pick-up and 15 days prior to shipping if paying by check or money order.  If paying at the time of pick-up, balance due must be paid in cash.

Once you make a commitment to purchase, the goat is no longer available to other buyers, and therefore, it is at this point that your deposit becomes nonrefundable (unless other arrangements have been made).  Goats not picked up on the scheduled pick-up date (without having made prior arrangements) will revert back to being the property of Ancient Valley Ranch and any monies paid are retained to cover boarding fees and loss of marketability.

Please make sure that you are properly zoned for livestock and have a safe enclosure for your new goat or goats.

All kids will receive vaccinations, worming, and hoof trimming prior to going to their new homes.



Dam Sire Offspring
Ancient Valley Ranch Swiss Coffee Fall Over Farms Spatt's Jack  Buckling
DOB April 18, 2017 
For Sale as wether
Doeling (retained)
DOB April 18, 2017 

Ancient Valley Ranch Espresso Biscotti

Faint-Hearted Ranch Copper    wether
on left,
Sold thanks Maddy

DOB Easter April 16, 2017 
doeling on the right
Sold thanks Joslyn
 Wether in front
DOB Easter April 16, 2017 
Sold thanks Aleeya
Fall Over Farms Mountain JuJu  Faint-Hearted Ranch Copper  Buckling
DOB April 10, 2017 
Fall Over Farms
Peanut owned by Kaitlyn Girardin
Faint-Hearted Ranch Copper  Wether
DOB Easter April 16, 2017 
Sold, thank you Robert and Elizabeth
DOB Easter April 16, 2017 
Sold, thank you Robert and Elizabeth


  Goats are herd animals and prefer not to be alone.  In an effort to keep our kids from being lonely,
we offer a discount when you purchase more than one goat.