Myotonic Goat History
a work in progress

"Nervous", Stiff-legged, or Fainting Goats
by Drs. Geo. R. White and Joseph Plasket, Nashville, Tennessee
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Uncle Wash

Country Journal
The Nervous or Fainting Goat
A New and Peculiar Breed

Sensitive Breed Of Goats
Providence County Times - Dec 20, 1929

"Goats Faint at Startling Noise"
The Naples Record
Naples, New York
Dec. 25, 1929

Jay Laurence Lush
Biographical Memoir by Arthur B Chapman
J.L. Lush studies "Nervous Goats" in 1930 in Texas

Nervous Goats by Jay L Lush

The Journal of Heredity
June 1930

'dirt Farmer' .To Guide Destiny Of Ala. Agriculture
Times Daily - Jun 14, 1934

Strange Herd of Goats
Waycross Journal-Herald - Apr 1, 1935

The goats may be nervous, but Ernie ended up being a complete wreck
St. Petersburg Times - Oct 17, 1940

Jittery goats that faint when they are frightened
The Milwaukee Sentinel - Sep 26, 1943

Hired hand shoots once, kills entire herd of Fainting Goats
written by Joel d Jones
The Democrat Reporter Jan 25, 1945

Origin of fainting goats seems to be from traveler
written by Joel d Jones
The Democrat Reporter Feb 1, 1945

Goats go into trance at the drop of a hat
The Victoria Advocate - Jun 24, 1965

Childrens camp makes good home for baby nervous goats
The Bonham Daily Favorite - Feb 14, 1965

The Local Fainters
Kentucky New Era - Dec 13, 1974

Goats may provide clue to disease
Times Daily - Aug 14, 1984

Scared Silly Goats-Coyote Bait
Ellensburg Daily Record - Oct 14, 1988

Fainting Goat Breeders Anger Animal Activits
Kentucky New Era - May 9, 1991

Fainting Goats Don't Faint .‎
Albany Herald - Oct 1, 1991

Like Fainting Goats? This clubs for you
Moscow-Pullman Daily News - Sep 21, 2001


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Trotwood's monthly, devoted to farm ..., Volume 1, Issue 3 - Volume 3, Issue 3


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