Sue Johnson
Mojave, Ca.

MGR Certified Judge

Sue Johnson has developed her livestock experience by raising, breeding, and showing Alpine Dairy goats and Boer goats over a 30 year period. For 25 of these years, she has actively guided ag youth as a Community Leader and a 4-H livestock leader, and has earned Honorary Chapter Degrees for both the Rosamond and Antelope Valley FFA groups.

For the past 10 years, she has been breeding and showing Myotonic goats. As a breeder, she always tries to learn from the critical guidance provided by those who judge her own breeder stock. With an interest in becoming a judge herself, she assisted accredited Judges for two shows in the past two years. This year, she was trained and certified as a Myotonic goat Judge, and had the honor of being on the judging panel for the MGR 2012 National Show in Henderson, Texas.

Sue has learned to respect judges who offer constructive criticism to their contestants, and her own judging goals are to help: 1) improve the value and respect for Myotonic goat awards 2) contribute to the growth of a well qualified and certified pool of Myotonic goat judges; and 3) work for the continued improvement of the Myotonic goat breed through fair and effective judging at its shows.

Her interest in adding to the body of judging guidelines for evaluating breed conformation lead her to write an article entitled The Myotonic Head -- A Key Characteristic in Judging the Breed that is published in the December 2012 issue of the Meat Goat Monthly News.